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D E A R  C U S T O M E R !

You have the opportunity to choose between two significantly different product types:

1,. Print-On-Demand service - Madragora print design 
- You can see my design plans appearing on these products on products, the graphics I designed, my logo, my vector graphics. This is also a fulfillment service, which means that ordered products from production to you will get it with delivery to your home. Production starts only from the moment of the order, which ends with the fulfillment. There is no unnecessarily accumulated inventory, only as needed. Shipping is free for all products.

2., Dropshipping service - Worldwide Brands  
- These products are not decorated with my design, directly you order from the warehouse set. You will only get my brand logo to see in the hidden parts, because I have a lot to do with it too to what you get. This is a selection of my tastes collected according to Home delivery is also free here.


100% Print Design

MADRAGORA is an online store where design printed on various products is also part of the product.WHY? Nowadays, it is a common habit to change our clothes quickly because they are worn or bored. A wide variety of products with different designs can be purchased here

/The image of apples illustration is a vector graphic/

100% handmade soap bar


Safe & Environment friendly

I have created a collection with different applications of the Madragora Logo, you can find the products here.The garment industry is one of the sticking points when it comes to protecting the environment, but my shop has many eco-friendly products, courtesy of Printful.

My art works

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"La recherche de la vĂ©ritĂ© par la lumiĂ©re naturelle" 

My name is Győző Mogyoró. Already as a child, I was interested in ancient, seemingly indecipherable depictions that hide secrets and few understand their explanations. I was fascinated by the cave drawings of the prehistoric people, which I only knew from books, and then the depictions and emblems from cultures that appeared in different parts of the world, behind which I always assumed some powerful force.Even today, I am looking for the rare, historical-surviving drawings that were very important to their makers, or to the people where they were traditionally used to decorate, to decorate jewelry. I find it exciting, I still wonder how deeply a SIGN affects a person, how much it affects our lives, our daily lives. In the modern world, the advancement of printing technology has quickly made it possible to create the perfect decoration on either a shoe or a towel. I keep in mind sustainability and recycling opportunities, which I can develop by working with a number of printers.MADRAGORA is a fantasy name, the connection with the plant is completely random. In the composition of the letters, I somehow assume the same power that takes me to a converted world full of beauty. I have been dealing with graphics ever since I lived. I paint a lot, I was often assigned to different jobs, outdoor painting, decorating places of entertainment. I once had to design t-shirt graphics for a client of mine, but I didn’t yet know how to apply printing techniques.I was immersed in computer prep preparation and more and more often had to work on textiles, flags, and molinos. I really fell in love with this job and decided to make my own boutique where I could print a variety of drawings on clothes, bags, leather, textiles, not just paper. When I decided that, digital printing was not possible. The first time my paintings were bought I was very desperate that I would never see them again.I scanned my new paintings into my computer with a scanner, so that even if they were taken away, they would only remain in their original form. It took a very long time because the size of these images was more than 1 meter. I had an A4 scanner, so I had to scan it in pieces and then reassemble it on my computer. I did this every weekend for a year :), by the time I had my collection, I put it on a website, you can check it out here.

meet the founder
meet the founder



I'm not religious, but I believe that people can find each other again through their own culture. I haven't travelled so much to get to every continent, but I used to travel the world with my fellow musicians. We played world music based on ethno jazz, and during my performances I often met people with whom I still have close friendships. I don't play with a band anymore - I sometimes play drums at home with my son, it's interesting how the rhythms have such a strong influence on us - I have a very active intellectual life in drawing and designing vector graphics. My family supports me in everything and I have my wife and child to thank for letting me pursue this new passion, this modern version of applied graphics, which I call Print Design.

Mogyoró Győző
Mogyoró Győző
Mogyoró Győző

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