I can definitely say that sustainable consumption is the key direction for the next era. Sustainable consumption means finding solutions to social and environmental imbalances through more responsible behaviour.
I am pleased to read the following positive news:
"In 2020, we added 49 new products to our catalog, and 10 of them are part of our eco-friendly product collection. Our most recent additions are the Organic Cotton T-shirt, the Eco Hoodie, the Organic Ribbed Beanie, as well as the Biodegradable iPhone Case. The hoodie and the beanie, as well as the Recycled T-Shirt we launched last year, are already among our most popular products.

Right now we offer 14 eco-friendly products, and we plan to add more in the years to come. In 2021, we have our eye on adding 20 new eco-friendly products to the Printful product catalog."


I immediately jumped on the products and brought some into the shop, I will have plenty in the future.

I am curious to know what you think. Please check out our eco-friendly products