Shipping policy







You can purchase shipping labels from within your Shopify administrative console (“Shopify Shipping”) for delivery of goods purchased from your Shopify Store. In addition to these Terms of Service, your access to and use of Shopify Shipping is subject to the Shopify Shipping Terms of Service, located at (a) if you are located in the United States; (b), if you are located in Canada; and (c), if you are located outside of Canada and the United States.


Global Shipping Services

You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in these Shipping Terms before you begin to use the Global Shipping Services.

You agree to use the Global Shipping Services in accordance with all procedures that may be provided to you by Shopify from time to time. If you do not agree with these procedures then you are not permitted to use the Global Shipping Services.

The Global Shipping Services allows you access to purchase Sendle Pty. Ltd. ("Sendle") services (“Sendle” is a “Carrier”) to assist you with fulfilment for your Shopify orders. You do not need to create Carrier accounts to use the Global Shipping Services.


You agree that you will pay the applicable fees for all purchases completed through the Global Shipping Services (the “Fees”). All Fees will be added to your next the Global Shipping Services invoice. You are responsible for any applicable Taxes (as defined in the Shopify Terms of Service) associated with the Fees.

Shopify will, from time to time, charge your credit card for the aggregate Fees you have incurred on the Global Shipping Services. If your credit card payment is declined or if we are otherwise not able to collect payment from you for the invoiced Fees, you will not be able to create new Labels, until such Fees are paid.

You authorize Shopify to charge your credit card currently used to pay for your Account for any Fees incurred in relation to the Global Shipping Services, in accordance with these Shipping Terms. You will be responsible for payment in the event your credit card is declined or we are otherwise unable to collect payment from you. An invoice will appear on the Account page of your Shopify administration console. Users have approximately two weeks to bring up and settle any issues with the billing.

Any Fee refunds for unused Labels must be requested from within the associated order within thirty days after Label creation.

Labels may be audited by the applicable Carrier for weight, dimensions, mail class, package type and Zip or Postal Code. If an audit reveals that the Label you’ve purchased contains either insufficient or excess postage, additional Fees or credits may be applied to your Account. You will be able to review any adjustments on the Orders and Invoices pages of your Shopify administration console.