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OIL DESIGN SHOP is an online store where design printed on various products is also part of the product.


Nowadays, it is a common habit to change our clothes quickly because they are worn or bored. A wide variety of products with different designs can be purchased here


My name is Mogyoró Győző, fine artist, graphic designer, painter, illustrator. I deal with drawing. I have been taking advantage of the possibilities offered by technology. In my store you can buy towels, bags, T-shirts, or other utility items. My graphics can be purchased here in printed form on towels, bags, T-shirts, or other utility items, as well as on various posters and canvases. I hope you find what you are looking for.



Already as a child, I was interested in ancient, seemingly indecipherable depictions that hide secrets and few understand their explanations. I was fascinated by the cave drawings of the prehistoric people, which I only knew from books, and then the depictions and emblems from cultures that appeared in different parts of the world, behind which I always assumed some powerful force. Even today, I am looking for the rare, historical-surviving drawings that were very important to their makers, or to the people where they were traditionally used to decorate, to decorate jewelry. I find it exciting, I still wonder how deeply a SIGN affects a person, how much it affects our lives, our daily lives. In the modern world, the advancement of printing technology has quickly made it possible to create the perfect decoration on either a shoe or a towel. I keep in mind sustainability and recycling opportunities, which I can develop by working with a number of printers. MADRAGORA is a fantasy name, the connection with the plant is completely random. In the composition of the letters, I somehow assume the same power that takes me to a converted world full of beauty.


I have been dealing with graphics ever since I lived. I paint a lot, I was often assigned to different jobs, outdoor painting, decorating places of entertainment. I once had to design t-shirt graphics for a client of mine, but I didn’t yet know how to apply printing techniques. I was immersed in computer prep preparation and more and more often had to work on textiles, flags, and molinos. I really fell in love with this job and decided to make my own boutique where I could print a variety of drawings on clothes, bags, leather, textiles, not just paper. When I decided that, digital printing was not possible. The first time my paintings were bought I was very desperate that I would never see them again. I scanned my new paintings into my computer with a scanner, so that even if they were taken away, they would only remain in their original form. It took a very long time because the size of these images was more than 1 meter. I had an A4 scanner, so I had to scan it in pieces and then reassemble it on my computer. I did this every weekend for a year :), by the time I had my collection, I put it on a website, you can check it out here.


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Mogyoró Győző - Graphic & Design

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Mogyoró Győző