S h i p p i n g

A b o u t   d e l i v e r y   i n   g e n e r a l

Due to the difficulties caused by the Covid 19 the delivery time of some products may increase.


Delivery prices are uniform from the first day of January 2022:

Worldwide: HUF 3,000.00 (Africa, Asia, Australia)

Canada: HUF 2,000.00

Europe: HUF 2,000.00

USA:  HUF 1,800.00

Other: HUF 1,800.00


The madragora.com is a website store (Oil Design Shop) that works with fulfillment service. Thanks to Shopify, all orders are fulfilled automatically in cooperation with printing partners. Shipping is an important part of this service. Sales are done by integrating multiple printers, with printing applications defining their shipping terms that vary from product to product. This is one of the aspects that determines the price and time of home delivery. The other aspect is the destination of the delivery, which determines the time and price of the delivery according to the delivery address provided during the order. This can affect the place of production of certain products, more precisely, in which printing house the given order is fulfilled. Tracking works well for all international suppliers. Production time is usually 3-7 days, but this may vary from product to product.

More information about specific delivery times:

The printers will confirm within 24 hours of ordering whether production has started. At this point, the time of completion is determined approximately. It is then transferred to the shipping companies, in the zones the shipping is usually DHL, UPS, USPS. These companies have their own delivery tariff, which is calculated in advance by the online store's automatic billing system when paying by card and added to the price of the product. Once the goods have arrived in the zone, they will be taken over by the local parcel delivery services and delivery will be made by these local shipping companies.